May 4, 2013

The 31-Day Nail Challenge: Day 1 - Red Nails

It's the first day of The 31-Day Nail Challenge! Today's theme is Red Nails. Red happens to be my favorite color, so yay!

The inspiration for today's mani was...

... Fall Out Boy's latest album, Save Rock and Roll! I had been planning to paint an entirely different design, but then I saw the CD case and I went in that direction instead. I wanted to start this challenge with a bang, and incorporating my favorite color AND my favorite band into one mani sounded like a great way to do just that!

I began with 3 thin coats of Revlon Red Bikini, a bright orangey red creme. When I don't sport nail art, I usually wear plain red. This is one of my favorites because the formula is so easy to apply and it doesn't stain my nails.

After letting that dry, I painted the black drips on my index finger and pinky with the last few drops of my Revlon Lunar using a really thin paint brush for the trails and the tip of a needle for the drops.

I painted the design on my thumb, middle finger, and ring finger with The Face Shop BK901 using the really thin paint brush. This design gave me an opportunity to practice my lettering, which I really want to work on!

See you tomorrow for the second theme!

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