May 27, 2013

The 31-Day Nail Challenge: Day 17 - Glitter

It's Day 17, which means the theme is Glitter! I liked the jelly sandwich mani so much that I decided to do 2 of them today. I also took some glitter macro shots to showcase the glitter polishes used today! 

For the first mani, I used The Face Shop OR202 and Tony Moly Nail Lacquer Glitter Halloween Orange, which is shown in the glitter macro above.

Halloween Orange is a glitter polish made up of squares and hexes in an orange jelly base, while The Face Shop OR202 is an extremely sheer orange jelly. So the two go perfectly in a jelly sandwich!

I started with a layer of jelly and ended with a layer of jelly for this sandwich.

I applied a layer of top coat on the sandwich to make it even shinier!

I've had Halloween Orange for a while now but I haven't tried it until now. I really like it! It applies really well. One coat gives a generous amount of the different kinds of glitter. Which is another thing I like about it! The glitter mixture somewhat reminds me of indie polish. 

The second mani features another glitter lacquer which also reminds me of indie polish.   

The jelly I used is a nameless polish from Sasatinnie. It's an intensely dark blue jelly. I thought it was black when I saw it in the bottle!

The glitter is Tony Moly Nail Lacquer Glitter Heavy Brown. I got Halloween Orange and Heavy Brown at the same time, actually!

Heavy Brown is a glitter polish with square and hex glitter in an extremely dark brown jelly base. It applied just as well as Halloween Orange!

I started with a layer of jelly and ended with a layer of glitter. So this is sort of like an open sandwich! The glitter layered over the jelly came out as a black jelly sandwich. I topped it off with top coat to smooth out the glitter and to give it even more shine!

I love how jelly sandwich manicures look so 3D, how the layers of glitter are suspended at varying depths in the jelly. But I wanted to try something I've never done before, which is a matte glitter mani!

I applied a layer of Sasatinnie Magic Matte Top Coat, which I've used before in this mani.

That one dried to a completely matte finish, while this one dried to more of a satin finish.

While the shine didn't completely go away, the matte top coat still did what all matte top coats do to glitter - it made the glitter look unshiny and flat. Which took away the jelly sandwich effect. I still like this look, though! It's quite interesting.

That's it for today! See you for the next theme!


  1. I like better the second manicure, the jelly one :).

  2. I actually really like the first one, I've come to love orange! Tony Moly have some fantastic glitters.

    1. Yes, orange is a lovely color! Yup, I'm looking forward to seeing more of their glitters! :D


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