May 5, 2013

The 31-Day Nail Challenge: Day 2 - Orange Nails

It's Day 2, and the prompt is Orange Nails! I was browsing through David & Goliath tees online when I came across this PJ set:

That glass of milk is just so cute! And the cookie is so happy! Plus, the set comes in orange, so I thought it would be perfect for today's theme.

On to the mani!

I don't have an orange polish similar to the shade in the picture, so I mixed some colors together to get something close. I used 3 thin coats of a combination of Orly Retro Red, OPI He's My Boo, The Face Shop OR202, Diana Manicure 1602, and Art Club Yellow.

After that dried, I mixed a little bit of Art Club Yellow with Sasatinnie Rose and used a dotting tool for the cookie. I outlined it and drew in the eyes and mouth with FACE it BR802 using a really thin paint brush (which is the same really thin paint brush I've mentioned in the previous posts. It's my favorite paint brush. I use it even when I have to paint thicker lines because it feels so comfortable in my hand.). I highlighted the eyes using Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Lavender Cloud.

Next was the glass of milk. I painted the glass first using the same color I outlined the cookie with. Then, I filled it with Lavender milk. The eyes and the mouth were painted with the same colors used for the cookie. The light pink blush and tiny tongue are a combination of Pupa Lasting Color N 265 and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Lavender Cloud.

I never thought I'd write "YOLO" anywhere, especially not on my nails, but meh, it's another opportunity to practice my lettering. This was done with the outlining color using the paint brush. The pinky parachute and the David and Goliath logo were done using the same color and tool. The yellow used is Art Club Yellow.

Well, until tomorrow!

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