May 30, 2013

The 31-Day Nail Challenge: Day 20 - Water Marbled

The day that I've been dreading has come. It's Water Marble day.

I've tried it before, not long ago. On one nail. And that little experiment led me to one conclusion: I suck at water marbling.

I did a little research before today's mani and apparently, some polishes really aren't water-marble-friendly. So one really has to perform an experiment to find the right polishes. I did that and found that Revlon was the brand that gave me the most consistent results. I know China Glaze is known to be water-marble-friendly, but I don't have enough colors from that brand. 

So yeah. On to the mani!

My base is 4 coats of Revlon Phantom Angel (yeah, four is a lot, but as I've said the other day in this post, I like this color). As I waited for that to dry, I picked my other colors. I went with Revlon Red Bikini, a red-orange creme, and Revlon Mysterious, a blue shimmer.

When Phantom Angel was touch-dry, I filled a little cup with water and started dropping the polish in the liquid. I put the drops in this order: Red Bikini, Mysterious, Phantom Angel, Red Bikini, Mysterious.

I grabbed a pin and dragged it through the rings of polish in the water to create the design. Then I dunked my nail in and swirled a stick around in the water to pick up all the excess polish around my nail. I pulled my nail out of the liquid and saw some actual swirls for the first time! ('Cause before, I just saw a blobby mess.)

I should have put tape around my nails to make clean-up easier, but meh, I was too lazy to grab the tape. So I just repeated the same process on my other nails.

After the last nail was water-marbled, I cleaned up all of the excess polish around my fingers and cuticles. Then I top coated the entire mani. And it was done!

It's not that good of a water marble compared to all the others out there, I know. I see multiple imperfections on the picture above as I type this paragraph, like there, there, and there. (I'm pointing with my eyes because it would be inefficient to pause and actually point with my finger. Plus that would seem pretty crazy.) I want to be like the ones who can make all the patterns uniform. So I'll work on that!

That's it for today! See you tomorrow!

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