May 31, 2013

The 31-Day Nail Challenge: Day 21 - Inspired by a Color

Today's Day 21 and the theme is Inspired by a Color! Bloggers who have already done the challenge have interpreted this prompt in different ways. I went with the assumption that the theme meant inspired by the name of a polish and then creating a design with the same polish. 

I went with one of the polishes that I've never used as a base color before. I used it a few days ago in this mani. It's Revlon Colorstay Fall Mood!

Before, I said it was a copper shimmer, but now that I've seen it on a full mani and in different lighting, I've discovered that it's actually a copper foil! 

Below are swatches of the color. I applied 2 coats. The first one is in indirect sunlight, where the polish still kind of looks like a shimmer with a subtle foil finish. The second one is in direct sunlight, where the polish shows off its foily goodness. 


The color does paint a picture of fall in my head so I tried to translate that into the mani. I only used one color for the design so that Fall Mood would still be the star.

I freehanded the grass, the trees, and the swing with Arezia in black. Why is there a swing? Because I felt like painting a swing, and the name is Fall Mood so why not?

I left the nails on my index finger and pinky pretty plain so I can ensure that Fall Mood would shine through.

The design kind of made me think of old sepia-toned photographs, so I framed my nails. I used the same black polish and a striper. I've never done a framed mani before, so I got to try something new today!

I applied a layer of top coat to finish the design. See you for the next theme!

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