June 3, 2013

The 31-Day Nail Challenge: Day 24 - Inspired by a Book

It's Day 24, which means the theme is Inspired by a Book! I chose a classic tale for today - The Little Prince!

I chose 5 of my favorite illustrations from the book: the pilot's Drawing Number One (the picture of the boa constrictor digesting an elephant), The Little Prince himself (in the attire he was in when the pilot met him), The Little Prince's sheep (which is inside the box the pilot had drawn for him), a planet infested with baobabs, and The Little Prince's rose.

The base is 4 coats of Revlon Platinum Angel. I applied a layer of Sasatinnie Magic Matte Top Coat over that to lessen smudging later on. As I've said the other day, I could use regular top coat for this, but the matte top coat was already in front of me.

I grabbed my favorite paint brush and freehanded the outline of the drawings with Arezia in black. Then I filled the shapes in.

For the thumb, I used a mixture of FACE it GL112 (a matte gold), Sasatinnie Blackberry (a chocolate brown creme), and Revlon White on White (a white creme).

To mimic the brushstrokes in the actual drawing, I added more brown to the mixture. I put a small amount of this darker mixture on the paintbrush and made quick and light strokes over the lighter color.

For the index finger, I used FACE it YL701 (a pastel yellow) for The Little Prince's hair, Sasatinnie Rose (a pinkish beige creme) for his face, and The Face Shop PP402 (a pink creme), The Face Shop BL602 (a blue creme), Color Combos CBL124 (a lilac creme) and Sasatinnie Q47 (a light gray creme) for his outfit.

For the middle finger, I used the same colors and brushstroke technique I used for the thumb. I just adjusted the amount of brown polish in the mix to make the color lighter.

For the ring finger, I used Sasatinnie Blackberry for the planet (which I almost completely covered with the baobabs), Sasatinnie Rose and FACE it BR802 (a brown creme darker than Sasatinnie Blackberry) for the tree trunks and branches, and Revlon Posh (a green creme) for the leaves.

For the pinky, I used the lilac creme for the planet, Revlon Posh for the stem, and Revlon Really Rosy for the rose's petals.

I re-mattified the entire look with a final layer of Sasatinnie Magic Matte Top Coat, and that was it!

See you tomorrow for the next prompt of the challenge!


  1. WOW!!! You've been seriously rockin the nail art since you got back from your trip! Me likey! <3


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