June 4, 2013

The 31-Day Nail Challenge: Day 25 - Inspired by Fashion

Today's Day 25! The theme is Inspired by Fashion. I chose one of the outfits of my favorite fashion blogger: Camille Co!

On the thumb, the base is one coat of Sasatinnie Rose, a beige creme. I topped it with two coats of FACE it GL112, which is made up of gold hex glitter in a clear base. This was inspired by Camille's accessories.

Here's a macro shot of the glitter!

On the index finger and the pinky, the base is two coats of The Face Shop BK901, a black creme. I freehanded the flowers and the leaves with FACE it YL701 (a pastel yellow creme) and Revlon Sassy (a pastel green creme). This was inspired by the floral pattern on her top.

On the middle finger, the base is two coats of The Face Shop WH002, a white creme. I used my striper and the black creme to add the design. This was inspired by her top, as well.

On the ring finger, it's just two coats of Revlon Posh, a green creme. Of course, this was inspired by her skirt!

I finished it off with top coat! Stay tuned for the next theme!

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