May 5, 2014

KKCenterHK N.NAIL Two-sided Stamper and Scraper Set and N.NAIL QA4

*Some products in this post were sent for my honest review.

Hi, everyone! It's been a while, aye? As you can see, I Love Nail Candy got a little makeover! Today, I have a review of some products from KKCenterHK, an e-tail shop based in Hong Kong. Read it in full detail after the jump!

I got the two-sided stamper and scraper set (JR1137) and this stamping plate (NNAIL-SPPQA04). This was the first time I've tried stamping! It was definitely harder than it looked on YouTube tutorials. So for all of the following manicures, I went with the stamping decal technique. I watched this tutorial by Crazy Polishes. It's easier than stamping directly onto my nails since I was able to see exactly where and how I place the image.

For this checkered print, I used one coat of SUR Noblesse (white creme) as my base. 
I made the decals with the white creme and The Face Shop GR502, a yellow-green creme. This was my favorite pattern on the plate! I had a lot of trouble with it, though. 'Cause the imperfections are more visible here than in the other patterns. As you can see, the lines are a bit wonky. 

The second manicure's got a leopard print design. I used one coat of The Face Shop GR506, a sky blue creme, as my base. For the print, I used The Face Shop BK901 (black creme) and The Face Shop YL702 (yellow creme). 

For the third manicure, I used one coat of The Face Shop PP402, a pink creme, as my base and made the decals using this polish and The Face Shop BL901 (black creme).

The scraper did its job of removing the excess polish without making any scratches on the plate and the stamper picked up the images well. Overall, I'm satisfied with the quality of these products and I give them a thumbs up. Until next time!

*Some products in this post were sent for my honest review.

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