June 5, 2014

Bobbie Kaleidoscope Collection

Hi there! The Kaleidoscope Collection by Bobbie has been in stores for a while now but I haven't seen a lot of swatches of the polishes online so I thought I'd post them here. All of the polishes in this collection are thermals!

You might notice that the lighting is a bit different on the pictures which show the polishes in their cold state. I took those in the bathroom because I didn't have any room on my cluttered desk for a bowl of water to dip my nails in. Plus, I didn't want to make a mess. So I just ran my hand under cold tap water and snapped away.

I used 3 coats for all of the swatches. Excuse the water droplets lol. These were a bit hard to photograph because they react so quickly (which is a good thing in real life if you want to mildly amuse your friends who are usually uninterested in nail lacquer).  So I didn't have enough time to shake shake shake shake-a-shake it.

Okay, onto the swatches!

First up is my favorite of the bunch, Fuchsia Pink. This is a very pale pink when warm. So pale, that it's almost white. It's bright fuchsia when cold. This was on the sheer side but it built up quite nicely.

Fuchsia Pink - Warm, Cold, Warm, Cold

Fuchsia Pink - Warm

Fuchsia Pink - Cold

Fuchsia Pink - Transitioning from Cold to Warm

The second polish is Cherie Red. This is also pale pink when warm. It's coral when cold. The color change was pretty good but it was a bit of a disappointment because I was expecting this one to turn as red as the top of its bottle cap.
Cherie Red - Warm, Cold, Warm, Cold

Cherie Red - Warm

Cherie Red - Cold

Cherie Red - Transitioning from Cold to Warm

Third is Mod Grey. It's light gray when warm and dark gray when cold.

Mod Grey - Warm, Cold, Warm, Cold

Mod Grey - Warm

Mod Grey - Cold

Mod Grey - Transitioning from Cold to Warm

Next is Indigo Blue. Great color change on this one! It's sky blue when warm and indigo when cold.

Indigo Blue - Warm, Cold, Warm, Cold

Indigo Blue - Cold

Indigo Blue - Transitioning from Cold to Warm

The last polish in this collection is Lemon Souffle . This had the least noticeable color change. It's chartreuse green when warm and lime green when cold.

Lemon Souffle  - Warm, Cold, Warm, Cold

Lemon Souffle  - Warm

Lemon Souffle - Cold

Lemon Souffle  - Transitioning from Cold to Warm
These are available at drugstores and supermarkets at Php 79.75 each.


  1. What if you put on a top coat? Will it still change its colour?

  2. I have previously tried the Indigo Blue color and it works great, but recently, I tried Lemon Souffle and I'm a bit disappointed. The colors don't change much as the bottle suggests it should.

  3. Great review! please check out my Bobbie Kaleidoscpe Polish review here....



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